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For Readers

Every year I receive letters and email from students all across the U.S.--and often from other countries. I do my best to be helpful, but many of the questions that I’m asked can be found in my books. If you write to me, I may post your letter or email in whole or in part on my Facebook page or use it in a speech. (If I do, I will include only your first name, the name of your school, and/or your state/country.) If you don’t hear from me right away, I am probably in the middle of a project of my own--researching it, writing it, or revising it.

For Event Organizers

I am a teacher--always have been, always will be. I like to say that I never stopped teaching, I simply changed venues. As Literacy Consultant . . . I enjoy visiting schools and have traveled to present programs to students on three continents--North America, South America, and Europe. I long ago lost count of how many schools I’ve visited, some more than once or twice. But I’ve been to schools in every state of the U.S., except for Maine and Oklahoma. (What’s up with them?!) What do you want from an author visit? If the answer to that question is that you want someone who can deliver content relevant to your curriculum, while entertaining and teaching your students, I can do that! Who knows best the needs of their students? Teachers! And I enjoy teaming with them to present literacy and writing programs that support what they do in the classroom. Besides my standard assemblies for grades K-12, called “Everyone Has a Story,” I separately offer two one-hour programs: (1) Diving In: The Art of Research (usually grade 5 and up), and (2) Protests and Boycotts (about the civil rights era, usually for grades 6 and up). A former Teaching Fellow with the National Writing Project, I also lead writing workshops for children and adults, professional development for teachers, and speak at conferences of educators and fellow-writers--keynote addresses, breakout sessions, and/or other featured presentations--and appear at book festivals, some more than once or twice. Interested? For availability and fees, or to present a proposal if your budget is set, please contact me directly at the link below. e: ldb@brimner.com TOP
Larry Dane Brimner